Well, Spring is here!

By now I am sure you've pulled your feeders out of their Winter slumber.

I love this time of year!

Everything comes alive!

So let's start with your Hummingbird nectar. I have heard so many recipes for this. Of course it's just sugar and water but the question is the amounts and to boil or not to boil? Well, I'm no expert by any means but I find that 1cup of sugar to 2 cups of water works for me. You can adjust to your needs ( you will know it's right , when you have hummers every where). I don't boil my water either but not only is my water filtered it also gets extremely hot. Really all you need to do is make sure the sugar is absolutely dissolved. Let it cool completely down and voila you have Hummingbird Nectar.

Now if the little critters are still not coming around? Try hanging some flowers next to the feeders to lure them to your feeders. My hanging petunias do the trick every time!

Its also important to remember that they may even disappear for a while and you're scratching your head wondering "Where did they go?" Well, they probably flew off to nest but don't worry they will return. So keep your feeders clean and ready!


Last weekend I made the most amazing pie! Made with Sea Salt Caramel Dessert Dip. I'll make sure to share the recipe with you next time. Super easy, decadent and no baking required!

Until then! Remember to smile and appreciate your surroundings!