Broad-tailed Hummingbirds

The Broad-tailed hummingbird can be found in many southern and northern states in the United States and in Manitoba in Canada during the summer. They usually go to Mexico during the harsh winters.

The adult male Broad-tailed hummingbird has a green back and crown, a white breast, rose red throat, and a rounded tail. The average male weighs less than their female counterpart at 3.16 grams.

Females are much like the males with their green back and crown, but they of course have their differences. They have a white throat and breast that includes black spots. The females also have rusty sides and green central tail feathers. The outer feathers are rusty at base, black in the middle, and have white tips. They weigh, on average, 3.6 grams.

 The broad-tailed hummingbird's wings make a cricket-like whistle in flight and one female Broad-tailed hummingbird holds the North American age record of twelve years old.