Rufous Hummingbird

The Rufous hummingbird can be observed in every state and province except Hawaii, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec. There is even one unusual report from eastern Siberia. They spend their winters in Mexico and possibly Panama. The Rufous had the longest migration route of all United States hummingbirds.

These "feisty" hummingbirds may have the ideal size-to-weight ration among North American hummingbirds. They outfly all other species and usually gets its way at the feeder before the slower, less-maneuverable hummingbirds.

The male Rufous has a non-iridescent rufous crown, tail, and sides with a bright orange-red throat and white breast. Their back can either be rufous, green, or a mixture of the two. The male Rufous weighs about 3.22 grams on average.

Female Rufous's have a green back and crown, white breast, streaked throat, rufous sides and base of tail feathers, and white tips located on outer tail feathers. They are much larger than their male counterparts and weight about 3.41 grams.